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Artist Spotlight: Kiyoshi Mino

Natalie Menacho

Kiyoshi Mino

Holy Moly! Kiyoshi Mino's work is incredible! …and he's only been felting since 2011! Kiyoshi Mino - Heron

Kiyoshi Mino - Heron

Kiyoshi Mino

After college, Kiyoshi spent 4 years in the army, including one year deployed to Afghanistan. Upon finishing his term of service, Kiyoshi went back to Afghanistan to do aid work and was struck by the simplicity of Afghani farm life.

"Seeing the way people lived there, almost untouched by our modern global society, made me realize that life does not need to be nearly as complicated as we make it out to be. The people in these villages had their goats, their fields, their homes and each other and that was enough for them," says Kyoshi.

Kyoshi and his wife, Emma, now run Lucky Duck Farm in Central Illinois where they supply Chicago farmer's markets with fresh Asian vegetables, meat, and eggs.

Kiyoshi learned about needle felting at a farmer training program in Massachusetts and fell in love with the art form. His creations are fantastic! Check them out! His blog is pretty great too!

He is truly and inspiration to us over here at Brammble. Keep up the fantastic work Kiyoshi and thanks for sharing your talent!

Kiyoshi Mino - Sloth

Kiyoshi Mino - Kestrel

Kiyoshi Mino - Kestrel

Artist Spotlight: Designs by Jane

Natalie Menacho

Designed by Jane

We LOVE being inspired by talented craftspeople! Designed by Jane's Applique Originals are great! Designed by Jane Headband

Jane is from Newcastle, England and makes all her pieces by hand. We adore her hand embroidered embellishments!

Check out Jane's beautiful designs at Applique Originals by Jane and her Designed by Jane Etsy shop! Thanks for sharing your talent with the world Jane!

Designed by Jane Necklace

Designed by Jane Framed Owl

Designed by Jane Headband

Designed by Jane Brooches