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Artist Spotlight: Sara Renzulli

Natalie Menacho

Sara Renzulli

Brammble admires Sara Renzulli! Her company, Sarafina Fiber Art, offers fantastic video tutorials and a plethora of needle felting supplies. Sara has been a professional painter for over 20 years and discovered needle felting only 4 years ago. Her designs are inventive and her kits look pretty great too. Most of her designs are made around a wire armature and are fully posable.

Thanks for providing the world with inspiration and such a great business Sara!

Chickens by Sara Renzulli

Pegasus by Sara Renzulli

Birds by Sara Renzulli

Lion and Lamb by Sara Renzulli

Tiger by Sara Renzulli

Sara Renzulli


Artist Spotlight: Laurie Sharp

Natalie Menacho

Laurie Sharp

Laurie Sharp began felting while a home preschool teacher in 2001. She created fun and whimsical felted wool animals and characters to provide visuals for her storytelling. Since then, she and her husband, Kevin, have created over 30 needle felting kits and written 3 books on the subject. Her work is now shown in galleries and art shows.  We love the expressions on her character's faces!! Thanks for inspiring us Laurie! You do great work and we love your blog!

Hazel by Laurie Sharp

Hazel by Laurie Sharp

Hazel by Laurie Sharp

Hazel by Laurie Sharp

Flicker by Laurie Sharp

Flamingo by Laurie Sharp

Peacock by Laurie Sharp

Laurie Sharp with her pet sheep, Hazel